We are TeTai

What's YOUR story?  Please write to us and share your story with us. -- we three ladies would love to hear from you! If you have a healing TeTai story and want to be chosen for our GoBloom club please email, along with pictures, to possibly be featured as our model of the month. We love stories.  #tetai365 #gobloom

Why we #gobloom

My heart. Tegan & Taitum (TeTai)

I am my product.

Named for TEgan & TAItum

Tabitha. Momma. Creator. Maker. Owner.

My dad with Tegan. His example was priceless.

My mom & Tegan

Tegan & Taitum

Tegan & Taitum

Happy me.

Tegan. She is the reason I create natural skincare. It started with her eczema. Have questions? Ask me. I love to help.

Happy client.

Made to order Dinosaur Bath Bombs.

Virginia. Roanoke Downtown Market. I will be DOWNTOWN ROANOKE most Fridays and Saturdays starting March 17, 2018. Please come and sample natural products and meet me. SUPPORT LOCAL

Made to order. Small batch.

Martin, Tabitha, Gary. I love these guys!

This guy shared his story with me. I love people. Roanoke, Virginia

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